Kaja Draksler Piano Solo


Freitag, 22. Mai 2015 ca. 20:45 Uhr

In 2009 she won the prestigious Deloitte Jazz Award. In 2007 she composed a concerto for accordion and orchestra entitled Orpheus and Eurydice, recorded and performed by Janez Dovč and Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra.
Kaja Draksler's current projects include Solo, several Duets; with Onno Govaert (Feecho), Matiss Čudars, and Susana Santos Silvam, and Trio- BadBooshBand. She is also a founding member of Stichting I/O, which works with interdisciplinary performances and new media. 2006-14 Kaja was the leader of Acropolis Quintet. Her first recorded project was an 8-piece ensemble Katarchestra (2007). As a sidewoman she is a part of Michael Moore Bigtet and Ab Baars' new trio Fish Scale Sunrise. Apart from writing for her own ensembles, she has been commissioned to write for Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra, Metropole Orchestra, EMJO, Looptail, Big Band RTV Slovenia, Italian Instabile Orchestra, and others.
She has been performing in Slovenia, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Romania, The Netherlands, Croatia, Macedonia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Portugal, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway, Ireland, Egypt and USA.


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Kaja Draksler Piano Solo
Kaja Draksler Piano Solo