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Great Voices of Harlem Mansur Scott feat. Paul Zauner´s Blue Brass Band

Best Albums 2010 winner Mansur Scott  and the voluminous Blue Brass Band of famous trombonist Paul Zauner. With these distinct geniuses of Jazz two generations of Harlem will form a miracle of sounds in an evening to be remembered. 

Their music, deeply black, adopts the styles of the 60's and 70's musical legends and revives some of the most well known Jazz-songs in the spirit of Ray Charles, Lester Bowie, Dollar Brand and the more. Ear catching danceable grooves alternate with gentle tunes and converge to a passionately played Jazz- and Soul-mixture.

Great new arrangements of Songs like "Over the Rainbow", "Moanin", "Work Song", "Mona Lisa", "Stella by Starlight", "The days of wine and roses" are featured at the concerts and the upcoming CD which will be released in October 2012. These all-time classics will boost audience appraisal and a swing-along-feeling with this special summer festival line-up.


The Great Voices of Harlem feat. Paul Zauner's Blue Brass

Mansur Scott - voc, perc
Paul Zauner - tb
Barney Girlinger - tp
Klaus Dickbauer - as, bcl
Klemens Pliem - ts, fl
Martin Reiter - p, key
Wolfram Derschmidt - b
Howard Curtis - dr

Dates available summer / autumn 2012

For more information & booking pleas contact:

Harald Buechel -
Mob. +43 699 1101 3302

Paul Zauner Quartet feat. Mansur Scott

Paul Zauner´s music is a fine example of the Nu Groove Feeling, in terms of its expressing fluendity and the bands relaxed yet tight arrangements. This is very enjoyable music that deserves serious listening and social engagement. Paul Zauner´s Band sounds like a genuine working band and Mansur Scott is emotionally and musically connecting in moment the tradition of the Greatest Spirits in Jazz.

Tour: All year


Vox Clamantis comprises a diversity of musicians - singers, composers, instrumentalists and conductors - who have a common interest in the Gregorian chant.
The Guardian: ... the Estonian choir Vox Clamantis, characteristically alternating Gregorian chant with contemporary music, here championed composers of a younger generation...

Dates: On request

Paul Zauner´s Christmas Allstars feat. Dwight Trible

Christmas implicates happiness, feelings, scents and playing music together. This year’s Christmas music program will have an earthy tone. Melodies from the Alpine Country melt into Afro American music culture. Gospels fuse with "The snow falls softly in the night", and Black Soul Music merge with popular songs from Austria.

The basic principle remains the creation of new music. "Jazz at its best"

For many years Paul Zauner performs with the black vocalist Dwight Trible. Los Angeles based Trible features one of the most important voices in Black Jazz these days.  

Line Up: Paul Zauner (tb & voc), Dwight Trible (voc), Barney Girlinger (tp), Robert Michael Weiss (p), Klemens Pliem (sax), Ali Angerer (tub), Dusan Novakov (dr)

Tour: December 2012

Mansur Scott "Harlem Quartet"

Mansur Scott: It's the small things, some percussive details or a little wink, which convey the rich pool of Mansur Scotts experience. His voice sounds rough, just like his life. He swings back and forth between a withdrawn vibrating timbre and his punchy shouts and develops a capturing expressivity. Simple words like "Masquerade", his introduction to "He was a boy" or his gentle Billy Holiday remembrance "When the lady sings" reach a quality that lasts for hours in the listener's ear. This only happens, when a musician puts his entire soul into his music and really has something to say. Mansur calls it "truth" - he experiences the present moment as intensely as possible, bearing the knowledge in mind, that it can end at any moment. Mansur Scott is an unusual, but consistently optimistic cultural ambassador, almost bursting with an undestructible will to live.

Mansur Scott Harlem Quartet: Mansur Scott (voc & perc.), Carlton Holmes (p), Wolfram Derschmidt (b), Mark Johnson (dr)

Tour: March 2012, other dates on request