Samstag, 14. Mai 2016 ca. 14:00 Uhr

SO III consists of three experienced musicians from Finland. Their music combines free improvisation with new compositions, live electronics with a knowledge of traditional music. The ensemble's unique instrumentation allows the music to breathe, talk and listen as the combination of five-string fiddle, voice and percussion and electronicly manipulated sounds creates a web of interlocking soundscapes that alternate between rich and fragile.

The atmosphere is heightened by the lyrics of Suvi Oskala's compositions. The lyrics are from poems by a young Finnish poet, Saija Nojonen, whose work is simultaneously both mundane and absurd. The compositions themselves are influenced by the singer-songwriter genre as well as the Finnish "ditty" tradition, but approach these influences with a twist.

The trio's vast knowledge of music and virtuoso use of their instruments, combined with the ambition for developing new sounds on their instruments, gives their music an extraordinarily wide range of sounds and moods.



  • Suvi Oskala -geige, voc
  • Oskari Lehtonen -perc
  • Teemu Korpipää -electronics