Rosenberg Trio


Freitag, 13. Mai 2016 ca. 20:30 Uhr

The Rosenberg Trio are two guitarists and one bassist — the cousins Stochelo Rosenberg (*1968; soloist), Nous’che Rosenberg (*1965; rhythm guitar) and Nonnie Rosenberg (*1956; double bass). Their inspiration is Django Reinhardt, the legendary gypsy guitarist of the 1930s. The Rosenberg Trio’s genre has been characterized as “swinging, infectious gypsy guitar jazz.”

There is no exact date when the Rosenberg Trio began playing under that name. Two of the Rosenbergs, Nous’che and Nonnie, are sons of Sani Rosenberg, a musician in the Dutch Gypsy community. Nous’che started playing with his cousin and buddy, Stochelo Rosenberg, when Stochelo was about 10 years old. In 1980 Stochelo and his trio were awarded the prize for best musician at a child’s musical contest on dutch television, and since then the trio has been constantly on the rise, on a course that has now taken them worldwide to play on the most reputed stages, including a show at New York’s Carnegie Hall for legendary violonist Stephane Grapelli’s 85th birthday celebration. The Rosenberg trio’s discographic debut, “Seresta” was the start of a series of albums. 


  • Stochelo Rosenberg - git
  • Nous'che Rosenberg - git
  • Nonnie Rosenberg - b
Rosenberg Trio
Rosenberg Trio