Bruno Heinen / Kristian Borring


Samstag, 14. Mai 2016 ca. 18:30 und 20:15 Uhr im "St. Pigs Pub"
Sonntag, 15. Mai 2016 ca. 18:30 und 20:15 Uhr im "St. Pigs Pub"

Critically acclaimed London based pianist Bruno Heinen and guitarist Kristian Borring have joined forces for their new duo project 'Postcard to Bill'; original arrangements of compositions by the great pianist Bill Evans. Following on from two sell-out dates at the Vortex, the duo have recorded for the legendary British label Babel, which will be coming out in May 2015. John Fordham of the Guardian says of the two musicians; Erudition, eclectic studies and a jazz sensibility make Heinen the kind of newcomer who repositions the goalposts...(and Kristian Borring has)...a hyper-cool and low-key approach to jazz guitar, but with warmth, confidence and a rhythmic hipness that's thoroughly contemporary.


  • Bruno Heinen - piano
  • Kristian Borring - guitar
Bruno Heinen / Kristian Borring
Bruno Heinen / Kristian Borring