AMC Trio Unit


Sonntag, 15. Mai 2016 ca. 14:00 Uhr

AMC Trio is a very original piano trio from Slovakia; although, while it is true the trio is Slovak, it is less true that it is always a piano trio and, quite often, it is not even a trio... In any case what is true is that it is a grouping of three musicians with the best worldwide jazz contacts: Randy Brecker, Philip Catherine, Bill Evans, Ulf Wakenius, Mark Whitfield, Michael ‘Patches’ Stewart and many others have joined forces with AMC Trio either as special guests at their concerts or as collaborators in the studio.

The AMC Trio are amazing musical storytellers. Each and every composition andimprovised phrase has a narrative thought behind it. It is that quite unique gift which communicates their music so well to their many fans!
They have an extraordinary
talent for writing beautiful melodies with an East European flavor. In a world full of
copycats, AMC stands out with their musical integrity. I have enjoyed tremendously
working with them for some years now. I find our corperation both enjoyable and
creative. There is an huge audience waiting for AMC-trios beautiful music.


  • Peter Adamkovic - p
  • Martin Marincak - b
  • Stanislav Cvanciger - dr

  • Samuel Marincak - g
  • Peter Kocis - kb, tr
  • Miro Szirmai - perc, voc
AMC Trio Unit
AMC Trio Unit