Vasko Atanasovski ADRABESA Quartet (SLO, I, F, D)

Samstag, 15. August 2020

19:00 Open Air Wiese


Vasko Atanasovski - sax
Simone Zanchini (ITA) - accordeon
Michel Godard (F) - tuba
Marjan Stanic (D) - drums, tabla


Saxophonist and flutist Vasko Atanasovski is one of the most creative and versatile Slovenian composers and musicians, well known for his cross genre collaborations with world famous jazz, rock, classical, traditional musicians and his masterful approach to all styles of music. Up to this date he has released 13 highly acclaimed albums and earned numerous audience and critics' compliments for his perfomences and compositions home and abroad.

He is a regular guest on the European festivals and consert circuit and has also performed in India, China, Latin America and New York. His original compositions have also found a way into the world of theatre, dance and puppet shows, repertoires of eminent solists, orchestras, ensembles and choirs. Katharina Juvancic







Vasko Atanasovski ADRABESA Quartet (SLO, I, F, D)
Vasko Atanasovski ADRABESA Quartet (SLO, I, F, D)