"Update Gospel & Blues" (USA/AUT)

Samstag, 15. August 2020

15:20 Uhr, Open Air Wiese


Jan Korinek - hammond organ
Carlton Holmes - piano
Osian Roberts - tenor sax
Herbert Pirker - drums


The hammond organ and the piano are like a thumb print in todays music. The extraordinarily affecting sounds of gospel and blues musicians have given us access to those musicians deepest emotions and, in so doing, allowed us to glimpse their individual and common struggles for dignity and freedom.

Unlike other instruments, the Hammond Organ and the Piano complete each other in Sound and Rhythm. The sound is felt inside the body. In this respect it is unique. Contemporary understanding of “Sound” must therefore incorporate the connection between the personality, physicality, spirituality, individual experience and social history of each musician. Completed will be the sound of this quartet by the raw tenor sound and bad, bad contemporary drum grooves.