Niño Josele Trio


Samstag, 7. Juni 2014, ca. 17:00 Uhr

His body demanded it, but there was also a clamour around him. “Listen, this jazz stuff and Bill Evans…it’s all very nice, but when are you gonna get back to flamenco?” Well, here he is...
But on his terms. Niño Josele has anchored his boat in many ports, and everything he’s learned is brought to bear when he plays a soleá, a tango, or a bulería. He’s always trying to push it further. After all, that’s what Enrique taught him. It couldn’t be otherwise—playing alongside the “maestro of maestros” since the age of seventeen leaves its mark. And inscribed in that mark is a way of doing, a way of respecting the roots of tradition, of anchoring them firmly, and from there, seeing what happens.


  • Niño Josele - flamenco guitar
  • Julián Heredia - electric bass
  • Guillermo Mc Gill - drums & percussions
Niño Josele Trio
Niño Josele Trio