George Mraz & Camilla Mraz Trio


Sonntag, 8. Juni 2014, ca. 17:00 Uhr

The greatest and most important art in our world shines a light into both the  brighter and dark parts of the human heart. Two of the most creative and compelling world class virtuosos and composers of our time -- George Mraz and Camilla Mraz -- have joined forces to create truly remarkable sound tracks which somehow manage both to deeply support and greatly enhance the special (mostly short) film projects they work with.
Bassist George Mraz, pianist Camilla Mraz and drummer Pavel Zboril all play and write completely unique music which never fails to elicit our deepest feelings while quietly astounding us with their world class technical resources and inspirational lyricism. 

Camilla, George and Pavel have been developing and exploring the idea and practice of creating live music for several live films. The trio would perform in front of the screen and this music would be largely improvised with a few pre-composed themes. The style of the music would be comprised of jazz, modern classical, and other genres of music they feel are germane to the artistic and emotional integrity of the film.
In this case the film will be  "Dance of the Blue Angels"  by Czech director Steve Lichtag,a which has already won first place awards in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, France, Serbia, Italy, and the USA.

Preceding the film will be  performance of the trio, George Mraz, Camilla Mraz and Pavel Zboril. The music will include their originals, some free pieces and some jazz standards.


  • Camilla Mraz - p
  • George Mraz - b
  • Pavel Zboril - perc
George Mraz & Camilla Mraz Trio
George Mraz & Camilla Mraz Trio