Krzystof Kobylinski - KK Pearls (PL, IL)

Samstag, 31. Juli 2021

12:00 Uhr, Open Air Wiese


Krzystof Kobylinski – p, lead
Reut Rivka – vocal
Dima Gorelik – gitarre
Edi Sanchez – bass
Waldemar Lindner – drums


The multiculturalism resulting from different sources and roots of the artists, finds a perfect expression in the performed music. The compositions of the leader allow musicians large doses of the improvisation, in which rebound various artistic visions. Passion connected with a subtle technique define how Dima Gorelik plays, freely improvising, with Ukrainian and Middle East motives. Interesting is its juxtaposition with the bass guitar of Edi Sanchez, a Columbian, and the effects of the pulse of Latin American bass rhythms. Ethno-jazz percussion of Tom Dayan is not only the realization of the rhythm - it is a fully fledged component of the musical cocktail concocted by the artists. As the pianist, and here also as the composer and the leader, Krzysztof Kobyliński intellectually expresses emotions contained in the music, granting an original colouring with the melodics. And infinite, and hopefully, so it lasts, the charm of the voice Reut Rivka Shabi draws listeners into another reality, hypnotizing them during performed improvisations

Krzystof Kobylinski - KK Pearls (PL, IL)
Krzystof Kobylinski - KK Pearls (PL, IL)