Bobby West - Dwight Trible Duo


Freitag, 17. Mai 2013 ca. 20:30 Uhr

"Dwight Trible is a preacher, turning any material into a song of praise. Trible taps into the tradition of assigning lyrics to existing jazz standards, aligning himself with Jon Hendricks and Eddie Jefferson. He stands firmly in the jazz singer’s domain of delivering a song true to its story, while composing variations on the tune as he goes."

Die Zusammenarbeit von Dwight Trible und Bobby West findet im Spannungsfeld großartiger Songs aus dem weiten Feld von Jazz und Blues und zeitgenössischer Improvisation statt. 
Lester Bowie würde sagen: "Great Black Music"

Bio Bobby West:
From his early childhood the musical talent of Bobby West was recognized.
As a 6-year old boy Bobby started to play the piano. Although his family saw him as the future church piano-player, he soon developed a deep interest in jazz-music. He never stopped playing jazz. Even during his years in University, where he studied classical piano and composition, he stayed involved in jazz-music. Bobby West performed with a great variety of singers and musicians, such as Smokey Robinson, Helen Reddy, Wilson Pickett, the Ray Charles Orchestra. A lot of his experience also comes from his drive to play as much as he can with other musicians, whether it’s electric or acoustic, in trio’s or larger groups.
His recording experience is both as musician as producer. This list includes names as Billy Higgins, Wynton Marsalis and Bradford Marsalis, R.Kelly.
Bobby is also a very fine composer. His melodies show a great sense of artistic musicality. The lyrics of his songs are written with the heart of a poet. You can find some of his own compositions on the cd HIP PROPHECY (Bobby West Trio, 2004).

Bio Dwight Trible:
Many jazz musicians will tell you that they prefer not to work with singers, because most jazz singers lack the ability to improvise, have no understanding of musicianship, nor any of the other traits associated with making jazz music - one of the most interesting and exciting musical genres today.
Dwight Trible is a singer who combines the best of vocal virtuosity with musicianship and improvisational skills to the delight of audiences and musicians alike. In addition to performing with his own group, the Dwight Trible Ensemble, Dwight is the vocalist with the Pharaoh Sanders Quartet and is also the vocal director for the Horace Tapscott Pan Afrikan Peoples’ Arkestra.


  • Bobby West - p
  • Dwight Trible - voc
Bobby West - Dwight Trible Duo
Bobby West - Dwight Trible Duo
Bobby West - Dwight Trible Duo
Bobby West - Dwight Trible Duo