Aba Taano

Or the joy of Africa (UGA)

Samstag, 11. Juni 2011, 23:00 Uhr

African Songs, improvisations, gospel, rap: 5 warm voices, 5 young singers full of humor, happyness and dynamism. Staged songs and  dances.  Their way of singing is different.  Their gesture, their sounds, their expressivity, their colours.   These are the characteristics of those 5 young Ugandans, who have performed as the eldest of the Uganda Natumayini Choir, having performed over 250 concerts already, and having also performed with OMUTIMA GWA AFRIKA in over 50 concerts. 


  • Nabaale Harriett -  Mezzo, Vocal
  • Nakandi Joan –  Alt Vocal  
  • Seluwu Deo  –  Bariton Vocal 
  • Ssenteza Derick – Bass Vocal
  • Kibira Steven – Bass Vocal
Aba Taano
Aba Taano